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Added List Of Shipmates Planning To Attend The 2018 Reunion



Added List Of Shipmates Planning To Attend The Reunion


Added US Map Showing Distribution of Located Shipmates



Added information about the 2009 Reunion



May 22, 1999

A few of our crewmembers have added their name and/or photo to The Navy Memorial Log , which records naval service information of present and former members of America's sea services, living or deceased, in whose names contributions have been made for the continuation of the mission of the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation. The Log is on continuous display in the Navy Memorial Log Room on the Gallery Deck at the United States Navy Memorial in Washington, DC. . The touch of a video screen brings into view the entry for any individual in the Log -- displaying name, branch of service, rate or rank, dates of service, date and place of birth, a photograph provided by the sponsor, along with when and where the picture was taken. There is also a Internet version of the The Navy Memorial Log. A next to a "Gary" crewmember's name indicates that individual has his information and/or photo in The Navy Memorial Log. Today I indicated the of names of Robert Horton, Ron Day and Alan Baker. If anyone has their naval service data entered into the Log or who knows of anyone with data in the Log, please let me know and I will indicate it as soon as possible.


Added link the the Destroyer Escort Historical Foundation and Tin Can Sailors Association.


July 1, 1998

May 17, 1998


May 15, 1998

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